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Thursday, January 28, 2010

This week, "Sheen" was adopted! For those of you who have been to the shelter, you may have noticed (and been greeted by) Sheen, a Blue Pit Bull. He's still young, around 1 year old and came in through Animal Control as a neglect case. He was picked up because someone reported there was a dead dog on the property. Sheen was chained to a tree, and the other Pit Bull on the property beside him (who was also chained) had died. Sheen was emaciated and it was clear that he had been overbred (for selling Pit Bull puppies). We took him in and were able to clear up his medical issues and slowly but surely, the weight came on.

It was clear from the spark in his eyes, that he was a special dog. We taught him to walk on a leash, to play, to socialize with strangers and other dogs -- and he loves cats! We slowly introduced him to the other "Misfits" at the shelter. His new home became the "Meet and Greet" room and he greeted everyone who came through the door. He slept on the couches and decided he was to be an inside dog. One morning he was turned outside in the fenced in area and after he had played, immediately wanted back inside. He is such a funny dog!

Ron and Danny were able to find a home for him and he left on Tuesday to his new forever home. He is a true case showing how dogs, especially Pit Bulls, given a second chance, can have such a turnaround. We are so happy for him and can't wait to find out how he does in his new home!

Here's Sheen and Tyler, this was taken right before he left and he loves everyone!

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