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Friday, January 29, 2010

City of Camden unanimously passed a new City Ordinance in November of 2009 that made it illegal to keep an animal (in this case a dog) on a chain, cord, rope or tether of any kind to a stationary item. You are able to put the dog on a "Runner" or some type of pulley system that enables the dog to move around freely without being tangled -- however they can not have on a choke or pinch collar on the "Runner". This is a great move for the City of Camden. Tying a dog and leaving them there is so physically and emotionally traumatic for the animal. Dogs that are tied are more aggressive when they become loose, and they also suffer mentally and develop negative behaviors such as food aggression, and form habits from boredom (such as digging, chewing, etc)

All in all, it's not fair to the dog. In extreme cases, the animals are neglected and left outside in inclimate weather and it is a shame. Hopefully this new Ordinance will improve the lives of many dogs in the community and will help lead the way to more laws to protect the animals in Kershaw County.

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