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Friday, February 5, 2010

Dogs, Cats, Kittens, Puppies, Birds?

The Kershaw County Humane Society serves as the County Animal Shelter for Kershaw County. That means we take in any type of animal (both domestic and feral). Kershaw County Animal Control responds to calls for Livestock (Horses, Cows, Sheep, Goats, etc) as well as any type of bird. More recently at the shelter, we have had turtles, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, turkeys, and a hawk. All find homes (either through our adoptions, or through a rescue organization) fortunately and their stay at the shelter provides a break from the norm (barking puppies and meowing cats).

Today the shelter took in 4 Parakeets. Two of them are light blue, one violet, and the fourth is green and yellow. While they provide entertainment to the office workers, they also intrigue the "misfits" which have never been up close to such a vibrantly colored dog-eater (at least, that's what the birds told the dogs). But the birds are settling in and the dogs are looking over the shoulder to make sure they stay in their cage.
This does however remind everyone how the selling/buying of animals (both domestic and exotic) can become unfair to the animals. Whether dogs and cats are over bred to sell their litters, or that a Parakeet can become so common that it's just as easy to buy a Gold Fish as it is an exotic bird from a Pet Store, the bottom line comes down to animals being purchased into households that acted on an "Impulse Decision".

Here at the shelter, when someone wants to adopt a pet as a gift or "surprise" we talk him or her into an Adoption Certificate instead. We also encourage potential adopters to consider the responsibilities that a cute and fluffy puppy will have years down the road. At the shelter, when animals are surrendered, a very common reason is "Unrealistic Expectations". Either the puppy grew into too "large of a dog", or the cat sprays, or the puppy cries at night, or whatever reason -- we all know that with animals, they bring us so much love and happiness but also require quite a bit of up-keep and responsibility.

So for the Parakeets' sake, Think before you buy -- and if you buy,
consider saving a life instead of buying one!
*Also, these birds are up for adoption!*


  1. I live by this shelter! I come here often to look and play with the puppies:) Do you guys sell hamsters? Every time I walk in, all I see is dogs and cats!

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